Australian company Centor achieves 99% cost savings with Markforged

Three in-house machinists used to spend all their time fabricating components in low volumes, with additional components being outsourced. This approach led to inconsistent quality, lengthy production times, and excess costs. Seeking an alternative, Group Manager of Product and Engineering David Chappell took a chance on Markforged and was immediately impressed.

Fliteboard turns to 3DSL and Markforged for eFoil components


Fliteboard has developed an innovative new product:- the Fliteboard electric hydrofoil surfboard. Fliteboard allows riders to fly above water at speeds of up to 40 km per hour and for distances of up to 25 km per charge. Fliteboard is quiet, emission-free, and highly engaging. It’s fast becoming the must-have water gadget for water sports enthusiasts and luxury yacht owners around the world.