Markforged Mark Two Enterprise 3D Printer

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The Markforged Mark Two Enterprise 3D Printer allows unique continuous carbon fibre reinforcement with workhorse reliability for the strongest, most versatile parts in our portfolio. It is the only printer in the industry that enables you to go from CAD to beautiful, end-use strong parts in hours.

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The Markforged Mark Two Enterprise 3D Printer is Markforged’s flagship printer. It has the capability to print Onyx (Nylon with chopped strands of carbon fibre that make very strong parts) it can print straight Nylon or it can print Nylon but inject continuous carbon fibre, kevlar, fibreglass or high-strength high-temperature fibreglass – the latter 4 options of injecting continuous fibre result in parts as strong as Aluminium.

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Additional information

Weight 28.5 kg
Dimensions 68 × 67 × 490 cm

Onyx, Fibreglass, Nylon, Carbon Fibre, Kevlar, High-Strength High-Temperature Fibreglass


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