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Transmission Casting

Scanning time: 30 min
Processing time: 90 min

An old transmission box, scanned with Artec Eva. This was a challenging object due to the number of deep holes. It’s inner side, however was really easy to scan and process. All up, this scan took approximately 2 hours to get the finished model.

Pick The Breast Size

Scanning time: 4 min
Processing time: 45 min

Studies have shown that the majority of women who have undergone breast augmentation are extremely pleased with the outcome. If there is a complaint, it is usually due to their choice of breast implant size and unrealistic expectations. The most common reason for subsequent surgeries is to modify the size of the implant.  Repeat surgeries can be prevented by using 3D scanners for plastic surgeons during the breast augmentation consultation stage.

Top of Hand

Scanning time: 2 min
Processing time: 4 min

A quick scan of the top of the hand with Spider allows you to see the fine details of the skin and nails.


Scanning time: 40 min
Processing time: 110 min

To scan the car compressor, it was placed on a rotating platform to make scanning easy and fast. We were very happy with the hole detail for this scan

Product Part

Scanning time: 5 min
Processing time: 20 min

Product part made of plastic. This is a great example of reverse engineering using 3D scanning.  Approximately 30 minutes from the 3D scanning to a fused mesh in Artec Studio.

Camaro Centre Console

Scanning time: 35 min
Processing time: 90 min

The nice thing about this scan is that we took it back to the 3DSL office, processed it in Geomagic for Solidworks and created the missing part which we later sent away for upholstery fitting.


Scanning time: 20 min
Processing time: 60 min

This roller is part of a production system where scarcity of replacement parts means calling upon reverse engineering.  The tiny teeth on the roller were a challenge to scan at first but once we sprayed the part with 3D scanning spray, it was plain sailing.


Scanning time: 30 min
Processing time: 110 min

There are not many anatomically correct bull models, we’ll have you know.  One less to go looking for now with this magnificently detailed 3D scan of a bull with modifications done in Geomagic Wrap, to the approval of a local expert, who was literally wrapped with the result.

Engine Block

Scanning time: 15 min + 15 min
Processing time: 90 min

This was scan was done in two stages.  First of all the main body of the engine was scanned with Artec Eva, then the Space Spider was used to capture the finer details.  All of the scans were combined in Artec Studio and processed together to make this excellent watertight 3D scanned model.

Magic Potion bottle

Scanning time: 2 min
Processing time: 8 mins

Need to scan a transparent object? Use an Artec 3D scanner. This model of a transparent magic potion bottle was done in two stages with the Space Spider.  In the first stage, only the bottle texture was captured.  In stage two, the bottle was sprayed with anti-glare spray.  The two scans were then combined and processed together in Artec Studio.

Spinal Bone

Scanning time: 1 min
Processing time: 3 mins

There is a common belief that the Artec Eva is only suitable for bigger objects.   The Eva is usually the go-to scanner for larger objects, however, it is not always the case.  Although being slightly bigger than the original, this object still disproves the myth that Eva is only suitable for large objects.


Body Scanning

Scanning time: 4 min
Processing time: 15 mins

It’s always a good idea to use a base platform for body scans so that if you decide to make a 3D print then the legs are supported!  Here, the texture rich wooden floor ensured tracking stability when scanning between the feet. A tablet was used with the Artec battery pack and scanning only took only 4 minutes. 

Eye Selfie

Scanning time: 1 min
Processing time: 1 min

This 3D scan of an eye was carried out by the same person. As well as being able to pull off a 3D scanning ‘selfie’ and not only that but a superb geometrical capture of the eyelid and surrounding skin, the operator has captured the correct iris position by scanning past the natural eye lens.


Scanning time: 1 min
Processing time: 3 min

One of the hardest things about 3D scanning people, is keeping the subject still.  Just like full body 3D scanning, scanning an arm should be done as quickly as possible. This is where the Artec battery pack and using a tablet to view the 3D scan in Artec Studio becomes a major tactical advantage.


Scanning time: 1 min
Processing time: 2 min

In the world of prosthetic implants and plastic surgery, 3D scanning ears is a popular use case. Using an Artec Space Spider, you can quickly and easily capture a 3D scan of the good ear then mirror flip the the scan to produce a perfect replica to place the damaged ear.

Halloween Pumpkin

Scanning time: 1 min
Processing time: 1 min
For this high-quality 3D scan , the interior and exterior of the pumpkin were scanned with the Artec Eva and the Artec Space Spider. The exterior was scanned using the Eva and the Space Spider was used to capture the carvings with the sharp edges. The pumpkin was cut in half in order to capture the inside geometry and then the 3D scans were then merged using the overlapping geometry and texture captured during the first scan.


Camper Van

Backbone and Ribs

Rev-Eng Mold Pattern

Self-tapping screw

DSLR Camera

Mold Sample

Scanning time: 10 min
Processing time: 20 min

Ball Joint

Scanning time: 3 min
Processing time: 25 min


Scanning time: 2 hours
Processing time: 6 hours

Turkana Boy

Scanning time: 30 min
Processing time: 40 min

Steering Joint

Scanning time: 4 min
Processing time: 15 min

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